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    We are always looking for ways to do things better - how we go about achieving success is as important as the success itself.


    Creative Customer Solutions

    We have years of experience creating innovative, fully customised logistics solutions that:

    • Cut costs
    • Maximise efficiencies and reduce waste
    • Streamline operations for our customers

    FAA's expert teams translate industry best practices into unique applications that leverage purpose-built vehicles, smart systems, and state-of-the-art technology to great commercial effect.


    One example is our leading warehousing suite - Logistical. This packaged solution, developed with FAA and Onebyone Digital, supports the cost-effective implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) in warehousing logistics.


    At Freight Assist Australia, we are committed to continuous improvement, and while we may not always get things right, learning from our mistakes is part of our progress.


    Freight Assist Australia is committed to providing state-of-the-art systems and services, when and where it matters.


    We utilise leading technologies in our delivery, warehousing and transport operations - from track and trace, compliance software through to inventory management software. We can also integrate our systems into our customers’, allowing for service transparency.


    We utilise the latest GRPS tracking system on all company equipment powered by Procon Telematics this technology allows us to have accurate reporting on all fleet vehicles.


    Our partnership with Byteway Solutions Pty Ltd (BWS) based in Geelong CBD, provides our ICT operations team with internal network development, application support and overflow helpdesk services. We highly recommend BWS to any client who are looking for a proactive ICT solution company.


    We pride ourselves in the ability to offer our customers a leading transport partner for their national logistic requirements.


    Enquire with our Technology team for further information about our technology and ongoing developments.

    Safety & Compliance

    Freight Assist Australia is committed to WH&S and C0R Legislation.


    Our Work Health and Safety Policy

    Freight Assist Australia is committed to:

    • Ensuring a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors;
    • Complying with the Occupational Health and Safety legislative requirements.
    • Integrating Occupational Health and Safety in all relevant activities that it conducts.

    This commitment is achieved by:

    • Providing safe systems of work.
    • Providing tools, equipment and machinery that are safe and properly maintained.
    • Providing employees with the information, instruction, supervision and training required to perform their job safely and without endangering their health and safety and the health and safety of others.
    • Providing management with advice and training to take all reasonable precautions to prevent illness and injury.
    • Consulting with employees through workplace health and safety committees and workplace health and safety officers about health and safety issues in the workplace.
    • Monitoring our workplaces regularly and striving for continuous improvement in workplace health and safety. 
      Setting targets and providing adequate resources and implementing safety management programs to address
      significant safety risks.
    • Requiring employees to follow instructions and all workplace health and safety requirements.
    • Requiring employees to work and behave in ways which are safe and do not endanger the health and safety of anyone in the workplace.
    • Ensuring that the risk of injury or illness is minimised for visitors accessing and attending the Company and providing contractors with appropriate information on safety requirements at each site. Worked performed by contractors is carried out safely and to agreed standards.

    All workforce members, contractors and visitors are required to observe and follow this policy and associated health and safety policies and procedures. Workforce members must report all known or observed hazards to their manager or supervisor. The commitment from all concerned is necessary if the Health and Safety of all persons is to be achieved and maintained.


    Authorised By: Executive Business Manager - 06/09/2016

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